21 Non-Tech Ways to Rejuvenate from Technology

Technology can be beautiful, but engaging with it for a long time will quickly let you know that we were not made to constantly sit in front of screens.

We know first hand the effects of staring at a computer screen for too long so we want to share some of the things that work for us when we need to rejuvenate from technology.

Let us know if any of them work in helping you to detox from technology.

1. Take a nature walk

My favourite thing to do when I need a break is to go bush walking. If you’re wondering what bush walking is, think: going for a nature walk.

The best experience I had with this was when I followed a friend, who loves nature, off the beaten path. I remember picking my way through tall grass, across creeks and up hills.

That experience put my brain into another mental space. Full disclosure: I was scared most of the time we were walking because I live in Australia but didn’t grow up here and I’m never sure about what I’ll see.

I dreamed about the bush all night after that experience and it totally washed away any encounter I had with technology for a good week. Overall, the experience was refreshing and rejuvenating.

2. Go for a swim

Swimming is the perfect cure for technology overload. Having a different texture wash over you and take your body out of the sitting position will be helpful. Also, giving your body a sense of weightlessness, after constantly putting pressure on it from sitting will be a welcome relief to your backside.

3. Play pretend and build forts

Kids are recommended but optional for this activity. Take the time to connect with your inner child and do a bit of pretending. Find a great spot outdoors or even inside with a bunch of pillows and build like your life depends on it.

4. Cook something new

One of the best ways to take a trip without ever leaving your house is to try a dish from a far away place. Recently, I picked up a cookbook and made an eggplant dish called caponata. It had so many unexpected flavours in it that it really took me to another place.

If you want to truly go tech-free, try a recipe in a cookbook you have around the house. If you find you don’t have a cookbook, Google a recipe, print it off and then disconnect your computer or phone. Cook the dish and sit down to enjoy it. Let the meal transport you to someplace new.

5. Learn something new that’s non-tech related

Lately, I’ve taken to learning how to do the Rubik’s cube. Full disclosure: I did need to look up the algorithm online to do the cube, but if you write down the instructions, you can turn on some music and try your hand at something new.

6. Have a tech-free meet-up with your friends and laugh (a lot)

Turn your phones in at the door and agree to have a few-hour meet up with a group of like-minded people to hang out old school sans technology. You can try pulling out your favourite board games, cooking pizzas together, putting on a talent show or even playing capture the flag. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and leave your phones at the door!

Photo by Zachary Nelson

7. Go ice skating, roller skating or roller blading

Head to the ice skating rink or the roller skating rink or grab a pair of roller blades and get moving. Whether you’re just learning how to get your balance or you’re a pro, feeling the wind whip through your hair will make you forget the world of flat screens and keyboards and give you a burst of energy.

8. Go to the park and swing on the swings

If you haven’t noticed a pattern here, many of the activities we’re suggesting will take you away from the familiar and into the outdoors. Finding ways to reconnect with your childhood, when things were (hopefully) easy and carefree will fill you with joy you haven’t felt in a long time.

Find a place to get on a swing and let yourself be free to fly back and forth and enjoy the wind whizzing past you as you forget the troubles of life for just a few minutes.

9. Play in the rain

Nothing says carefree like playing in the rain. Put on your rain boots, grab your rain coat and find the biggest puddle you’ve ever seen. Bonus points for you if you can find a kid to enjoy the moment with — they will teach you how to let go, not worry about getting dirty and really enjoy the moment!

Photo by Daiga Ellaby

10. Climb a tall mountain

Find a tall mountain (or a little hill, depending on your level) and make an effort to push yourself to get to the top. As you’re climbing, notice all the insects, flowers, leaves, trees, rocks, moss, bark, birds and animals that are around you.

When you get to the top of the mountain, scream at the top of your lungs, “I’m the king of the mountain!” Guarantee you’ll feel better.

11. Go to the beach

One of the most energising things I know to do is to go to the beach because sitting by the water rejuvenates me. Hearing the waves wash back and forth licking at the edge of the beach gives me a sense of peace and renewed focus.

If you want the trip to be even more fun, take a group of friends to hang out for the day, have a picnic, splash around and play some beach volleyball.

12. Try a new food

Not in the mood to cook? You can still reap all of the benefits of trying something new by buying some new food you’ve never tried before.

Find a place in your city that specialises in the cuisine or go to your local grocery store and buy some fruit you’ve always been curious about but never eaten.

Photo by Christina Rumpf

13. Garden

Gardening has become my thing lately. I’m not experienced at it, but I love learning about it and nurturing my little garden. Being out in the sun, with the dirt between my fingers and researching the different plants is such an escape.

If you’d love to start a project that keeps on giving, buy some dirt, get some seeds and start digging. You may not think there’s much value to playing in the dirt, but there’s something about reconnecting with nature that will revive you!

14. Learn an instrument

Trying something new can jumpstart parts of your brain you didn’t realise you had. No matter how old you are, you can start learning an instrument. The joy you’ll get from being able to do something you couldn’t do before will be an inspiration.

15. Paint

Have you ever tried your hand at painting? Whether it’s landscapes, finger painting, paint-by-numbers or acrylics, just take the time to observe something and give it your own spin.

Photo by Tabitha Turner

16. Sing

Sing in the shower, sing in the car or sing karaoke. Find a way to belt out a tune. Most of all, find a way to release your inhibitions when you sing. Whether you’ve off-key or Alicia Keys, you’ll feel a bit freer after you sing.

17. Take a hot shower or bath

It’s hard to slow dow when life is so busy, but a hot bath or shower will force you to press pause. If it’s any motivation to take the time to relax, some of my most innovative ideas have come while I’ve been in the shower.

18. Meditate

Take a few quiet moments to bring your thoughts together, relax and be silent. I like to turn my moments of meditation into listening exercises with God as well. After praying, I’ll leave space and silence for God to speak to me.

Sometimes, in these moments, I hear immediately from God and at other times, I’ll heard a word from Him later in the day. The most important part is the quiet, solitude and the space in time.

19. Play with Play-Doh

When’s the last time you played with play-doh or clay? Find some play-doh, disconnect your phone, TV and computer and create something.

20. Do a puzzle

Puzzles can be a great group activity or something you can do solo. They create space for conversation and are the ultimate anti-technology activity because there’s no amount of Googling that can solve your puzzle problem.

From time-to-time, my husband and I like to do puzzles to wind down, spend the Sabbath together and listen to some music. When’s the last time you did a puzzle?

Photo by Bianca Ackermann

21. Colour

Adult colouring is all the rage. If you decide to colour, play some music in the background and let yourself commit to colouring until you’ve finished your project. The best part is if you pop your colouring page into an envelope and send it to someone who hasn’t had company in awhile or who would appreciate hearing from you.

BONUS: Go camping and sit by the fire

One of biggest immersion experiences to detox from technology is to go camping. While you’re out there, build a fire where you can get warm, cook and relax.

When you’re in front of the fire, watch the flames lick at the logs and allow yourself to wash away the stress of the internet.

Now that we’ve shared a few ideas with you, what do you do to detox from technology? Which one of our suggestions are you planning to do? Let us know in the comment section! We’d love to hear from you.


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