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We exist to guide you on your digital discipleship journey and to encourage you to know Jesus more intimately

We have a deep history with digital discipleship. Our founder, Rachel Lemons Aitken, founded a digital discipleship ministry at the Greater Sydney Conference in 2016. Soon after, in 2018, she founded a digital discipleship ministry at the Australian Union Conference.

Rachel Lemons Aitken Presenting at Digital Discipleship Conference

From there, she founded a digital discipleship ministry at Adventist Media at the South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Over the course of four years, she hosted four Digital Discipleship Conferences and mentored a team in the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference in running a fifth Conference.

Rachel has spoken in various parts of the world on the topic of digital discipleship and authored articles sharing her thought leadership on the topic.

We help our clients with Digital Discipleship through:

  • Digital discipleship ministry set-up and implementation
  • Digital discipleship strategy development
  • Digital discipleship event coordination

How can we help you?

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