Back-to-School Content Ideas for Churches

When it comes to practicing digital discipleship as a church, there are many opportunities to help people strengthen their relationship with Jesus. One of the ways is to support students and parents as schools go back into session.

Here are some content ideas your church can use to provide encouragement and support during this special time of year.

How to Have Family Worship with your New Back-to-School Schedule

Many families find themselves at a loss when it comes to family worship. They’re not sure what to do or where to start and when it comes to time, they feel like there is never enough. One of the benefits your church can offer is suggestions and support.

CONTENT IDEAS: Create videos, posts, reels or even daily stories suggesting family worship ideas and even helping families think of creative times when they can have worship like at the breakfast or dinner table, in the car or right before bed. You can even offer giveaways of devotional books for families to help get them started.

How to Make Friends

One of the biggest challenge kids face when they head back to school is the challenge of navigating friendships and confusing social dynamics. There are many different topics involved in this area and your church can provide useful guidance in this area,

CONTENT IDEAS: Share videos, posts or reels about how to deal with people who are being unkind, how to include people who may not have big friendship circles and finding your place in friendship groups.

Studying the Bible and Homework

Sometimes it’s hard to find a rhythm with studying, both the Bible and school work.

CONTENT IDEAS: Add value to your community by sharing some of the collective wisdom in your church. This could be weekly tips on how to study for a test, organise notes and develop a good organisational system for your assignments. Similarly for the Bible, providing tips on how to study the Bible will be well appreciated and can be presented as long-form video, shorter reels with bite-sized tips or even carousel posts with a series of posts that express a study methodology.

Bible Verses to Encourage You When You’re Looking for Wisdom

Often when faced with the need to study or understand how to manage friendships, think about the financial strain the school year can bring and many of the other worries, there is the need for wisdom. This is an opportunity for you to offer Bible verse that provide wisdom.

CONTENT IDEAS: Create a post with a series of Bible verses that provide wisdom that can be saved or printed can be a great resource for a family who is facing a new school year.

Considering a Future Career

For many young adults in your audience, there are questions about what they can do with their studies, what degree they should pursue and what careers options are available to them. This is an opportunity for your church community to provide a hope and a future to young people. As students are returning to school, you can use this as an opportunity to help them think long term about what God has planned for their lives.

CONTENT IDEAS: Highlight members in your church who come from various professions. Allow people to share their testimonies about how they’ve seen God guide them in their lives and into their particular profession.

How Can You Bring Jesus with You to School

During the back-to-school period, your church has the opportunity to share with your audience how students can find ways to bring Jesus with them to school.

CONTENT IDEAS: Share Bible verses about Jesus going with us. Share experiences from students about how they’ve experienced Jesus at school. Tell Bible stories of Bible characters who experienced Jesus in their everyday experiences.

Which of these ideas will you use as inspiration for your back-to-school posts?