Behind the Scenes of a Church Communicator – Part 1

I’m coming to you with some behind the scenes of my role as a church communicator to hopefully share my learnings and experiences as well as pick up some tips from you as well.

Just a month ago, I was asked to take over managing my church’s communications. To give context, my church is multi-generational, with quite a few older members. While the church has a website and social media, both have the opportunity for an upgrade.

Full disclosure: I’m not completely new. Previously, I was in a role where I was supporting local church communicators, ministries and individuals. In fact, I ran conference for them for the purpose of learning, networking and inspiration. Also, I’ve run many social media accounts, groups and websites, however, this will be the first time I’m doing it for a local church.

So, this is how I’m getting started with managing our church communications.

Taking Photos

I’ve been taking photos at the church during the service, individual Bible studies, and potluck meals to try to tell the story of the church. In doing this, I’m also trying to convey a message that we are a intergenerational church that loves God and wants to invite people into our community.

In taking photos, I’ve tried not to take lots of pictures of people before we’ve established a church communication policy about allowing people to opt in or out of having their photos taken.

I don’t want people to wince when they see me coming with my phone in hand to take photos.

Posting on Social Media

In posting on social media, I brainstormed and researched many different ways we could find content and shareable stories from church life and put them all together in a post called 82 Things to Post on Social Media and Your Church Website. The post is full of ideas on the types of content that churches can find within their church environment.

Encouraging Those Who Have Already Been in the Communication Roles 

We have several communication roles already running at the church, and my philosophy is to make sure there’s space for everyone who wants to participate to still feel included. At this early stage, I’ve made it a point to ask those people who are in communications roles to continue in their roles. As we become clearer on our online visitor and member journey as well as our mission for the communication ministry, we will further define the roles of each member of our team.

Sharing the Concept of a Visitor and Member Journey with the Pastor

In working in this role, I’ve shared the Online Visitor and Member Journey with our pastor to help him understand my thinking about the bigger picture of the communication ministry and where I see it going. 

Engage Members in Participating in Liking and Commenting on the Church’s Social Media

One of the things we’ve shared with the leadership team is that sharing, liking and commenting on our church’s social media account is part of the ministry of digital discipleship. This will help others to see the content. Our thinking is if we can get the church members and leadership to see their role in the online space, they too will catch the vision as we develop our church’s communication ministry.

If you’d like to check out what we’ve done so far, you can visit our Facebook page at Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.

What about you? Are you part of your church’s communication or media ministry? How have you started your role? What has been hard for you? What do you have questions on? We’d love to hear from you. Just reply to this email and let us know your questions.

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