Behind the Scenes of a Church Communicator – Part 2

In our second edition of behind the scenes of a church communicator, we’re continuing with my journey of figuring out the best way to communicate with our church members and to reach out to our community. Here are some of the things I’ve been considering.

Live Streaming

Since COVID, our small-sized church has been streaming on Zoom for the purpose of reaching and engaging its internal church community. I’ve just learned how this worked from other church leaders because we’re fairly new to this church community.

Now, a few years on, questions have started to arise about how the livestream fits into our church’s overall plan.  For some churches that have the ability to present a well produced service, live streaming makes a lot of sense. The questions becomes, what is the place of the livestream for smaller churches.

This is what we’re currently talking about.  What’s the situation for your church? Do you still live stream as a church? Do you have a small church or a larger church? How does your livestream fit into your church’s overall communication and outreach plan?

Connect Cards

Another important aspect of our church is incorporating a connect card for our visitors to complete so we can stay in touch with them and find out how to best meet their needs. While our church is very naturally friendly, which is great because it’s hard to make people who aren’t loving loving, we’re working on creating a better process for making sure we greet and engage all of our visitors.

Your Journey as a Church or Ministry

What about you? How does your church make visitors feel welcome? Are you part of your church’s communication or media ministry? This is a place to share, ask questions and learn. Do you have anything you’d like to get feedback on? Share it here and it could be addressed in our next Behind the Scenes of a Church Communicator.

Do You Need Help?

Do you need help with navigating the world of church communication? Do you need a consultation to make your ministry more effective? If you’re interested in learning more about a Digital Church Checkup or a consultation on your church’s communication, media or digital discipleship ministry, just reply to this email and let us know. We’re always happy to help!

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