Behind the Scenes of a Church Communicator – Part 3

In this week’s edition of Behind the Scenes of a Church Communicator, I’ve been learning more about communicating on our church’s social media account, working with my team and clarifying our mission as a church department.


I’ve found this past week that there is value in intentional and unintentional collaborations with other churches and ministries. Lately, we’ve had a lot of visitors at our church because of church events and a recent baptism. Each week, I try to get snippets of video of people singing, a poignant moment from the speaker or a scene walking up towards our church.

I found, recently that if I tag the church where the visitor came from, the tagged church will often engage with the content and sometimes share it. Because of this recent discovery, I’m now looking for ways to more intentionally collaborate with other churches to create synergy and connection.

Collaborating is something that is common amongst Youtubers, and since our church is part of a global system of churches, the possibilities for collaborations are endless.


We’re very fortunate at our church that our website has been run and established for over 20 years by a faithful group of church members who have maintained its presence and faithfully created and curated content for it. It’s a feat I’ve seldom seen in the last 10 years that I’ve worked in the church communication space.

At this point, the conversation has evolved to ask what is the purpose of what we’re doing and how can we do it more effectively. To answer these questions, as a group we’ll have to ask why our communication ministry exists and who we want to reach.

This will help us have more direction with our website concerning its design, structure and promotion.

People Part of the Job

One of the biggest lessons I’m learning lately in this role as a church communicator is the value of….drumroll please…..communication.

I’m the type of person who just likes to get ‘er done and bulldoze my way through with sheer will and determination. What I’m learning is that I need to listen to where people are coming from, acknowledge the hard work they’ve put into their role and then cast a vision while collaborating along with them in that vision.

Taking people along on the journey is my focus in the days and weeks ahead.

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