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Corporate digital discipleship strategies identify opportunities for organisations to extend their impact and their reach

The corporate level of digital discipleship refers to the administrative body of church organisations. An organisation can opt to set-up a digital discipleship ministry or incorporate digital discipleship principles into its other ministries.

At this level, administrators are able to plan strategically, provide vision and leadership, offer training and leadership development and consider the positioning of the organisation.

Photo by Sam Moqadam

Vision and Strategy

At the administrative level it’s the responsibility of leadership to provide a picture of what the organisation’s imagined future might look like through articulating the organisation’s vision and strategy.

Along with this, it’s important to share a plan of how you intend to achieve those objectives. Providing this will create cohesion in your team and increase your chance of achieving your goals.


Positioning involved understanding who you’re talking to and how you want your organisation to be perceived. Positioning can be executed through brand management, search engine optimisation, communication management and strategy implementation.

Training & Education

One of the best ways to express to your team that you value them is by investing in their training and education. This will have the added value of ensuring the longevity and relevance of your organisation. It is the responsibility of the corporate church to continuously understand the skillset of its team and engage with them about the continuous education they require.

Leadership Development

One key area of focus for the corporate church is leadership development. Maintaining a strong group of engaged leaders who are empowered to innovate and execute on their ideas is key to the continued growth and engagement of the church.

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Do you want to go deeper?

  • Empower your team to innovate new ideas through a digital discipleship ministry
  • Allow the creatives and the techies in your organisation to have a voice in developing new ideas
  • Create an environment that fosters new ideas and solutions to existing problems

How to Create a Culture of Innovation in Your Organisation

  • Understand how to encourage your team to think of new ideas in an ever-changing world
  • Understand your role as a leader in making your organisation nurturing to new ideas
  • Identify opportunities to get the best out of your teams and volunteers as they respond to new challenges and the pressure to innovate