Does Your Church Need a Digital Church Checkup?

Does your church need a digital church checkup?

Just like you need to monitor your health, you also need to monitor the health of your church’s digital presence. Your church’s digital health is measured by how effectively you are ministering to your members and visitors in the online space.

Here are a few areas you can focus on.

What’s Your Message

Before you start the digital church checkup, you need to get clear on your message. The way you can do this as a church is to review your church’s vision and mission statement.

If you don’t have these, you can still figure out your messaging by thinking about the type of church you are and who your church typically ministers to and the way you talk to them.

Then, whether you have a vision and mission statement or not, talk to the different ministries in your church to understand what they’re working on and how they want to minister. What you say online should tie back into these ministries, their events and programs and their reasons for being.

Social Media

  1. Does your social media tie back into your church’s message?
  2. Do you have calls to action?
  3. Does your social media give people a view of what life looks like at your church?

Church Livestream

  1. Does your church livestream engage with your online audience?
  2. Do you have calls to action? If so, do they tie back into your church’s messaging and ministries?


  1. Does your website show what it would look like for someone to belong to your church?
  2. Is the information accurate and easy to find about service
  3. Do you start an online journey for someone that you continue in other places throughout your church

External Signage

  1. Is your signage accurate?
  2. Is it clear and easy to read from the street?
  3. Check your external signage to see if you include calls to action. See if you’re starting an online journey for your visitors from your signage.

Google Maps & Google My Business

  1. Is your church accurately located on Google Maps.
  2. Has your church responded to reviews of it online in a positive way

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Are people finding your church when they search for it by name?
  2. Are people finding your church when they mention characteristics, like family church in Seattle or Baptist church in Chicago?

Sign-up for a Digital Church Checkup

Just as it’s good to find someone to assess your health, it’s equally good to find someone to guide you through the digital church checkup process.

We would love to carry out a Digital Church Checkup for you. At the end of the process, you will receive a report to see how effective your church is at ministering to its members and visitors in the online space.

We will review your

  • message
  • social media,
  • church livestream,
  • website,
  • search rankings and
  • external signage.