Family Worship Idea: Why Did God Send Jesus?


The theme of this worship is teaching kids about why God needed to send Jesus to earth. It uses a fable told from missionary doctor, Paul White’s book, Jungle Doctor’s Fables, as well as Bible verses and questions asked at the end of the lesson. There is a hands-on component to this worship that can be continued over a few days and includes gardening.

For this worship, you’ll need:

  1. Bible
  2. Unshelled Peanuts (or another seed that will grow into food)
  3. Paper Towel
  4. Ziplock Bag
  5. Jungle Doctor’s Fables – Book 1
  6. Paper and Pencil

Audio for this Worship:

If you don’t have the book, Jungle Doctor’s Fables – Book 1, then you can listen to this audio recording of the story.

Jungle Doctor’s Fables – Book 1 – Chapter 3


After you’ve read or listened to the story, all of the family members should give their feedback on the story.

  1. Summarize what happened in the story. This is an example my son Jax’s reflection. You can use his structure for inspiration or find another way to reflect
2. Reflect on what you heard. Draw a picture. Ask yourself, how did it make you feel. How does this story relate to why God sent Jesus to earth?

3. Read Hebrews 1:1-3 and Colossians 1:15-20 and reflect on what it says and how it relates to this story

Hands-on Activity

Now, you have the chance to try your hand at gardening.

You can follow this video to sprout your peanut seed:

This video will show you the life cycle of the peanuts from planting until harvest.