How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Church’s Communication or Digital Discipleship Ministry

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, as the Communication Director of your church, what your communication ministry’s mission statement is?

In addition to your church’s mission statement, your ministry should have its own reason for existing and it should be very clear to the members of your team.

In this post, I’ll briefly explain how you can set-up a mission statement for your church’s communication, media or digital discipleship ministry.

Review the church’s mission statement

First, review the mission statement for the church. In some cases you’ll find the church doesn’t have a mission statement. If this sounds like your church, simply gather a consensus from the elders and ministry leaders of the church’s mission as it relates to your specific community.

Why does the leadership of your church feel the church exists? What specific mission does it have to its local or cultural community?

Try to understand why the communication ministry exists

Next, have a brainstorming session with the communication, media or digital discipleship team to try to understand the purpose of the ministry.

If you need an example, in one of my communication roles, my mission statement was to

Inform, Inspire, Encourage and Resource the church members.

I developed this mission statement by stepping back and looking at all the communication channels we had, and I stopped to think of the purpose of each of them. I tried to imagine what I was trying to create with our communications.

In this particular role, I had to support 90 churches along with the members of those churches and the ministry directors of the organisation. So, as I thought about this, I understood that it was our job to inform people, inspire them, encourage them and resource them.

As a result, I filtered all of my work through this lens.

Make sure your mission aligns with the church’s mission

After you’ve come to an agreement with your team, go back and compare it with the church’s mission. Is there alignment? If not, go back and rethink what you’ve come up with until the communication/media ministry’s statement is supportive of the church’s mission statement.

Make sure both the church and the ministry you lead are moving in the same direction.

Plan content that aligns with your mission statement

As you identify your communication ministry’s mission statement, you can use it to help inspire the types of content you create, the calls to action you present and the posting you’ll do for your church’s social media accounts, website and internal spaces.

The reason it’s important to have a statement that explains the reason for your ministry to exist is because you will be presented with lots of opportunities. If your ministry understands its purpose, you will not let the good opportunities get in the way of the great ones.

If you have any further questions about how to do this, feel free to get in touch!

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