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Every journey begins with a starting point. What is your need in the area of digital discipleship?

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As you interact online, whether on your personal social media account, in a group, through email or while playing video games, you have the opportunity to shine light.


Your church has the opportunity to be a “town built on a hill that cannot be hidden”. It has the chance to shine light into the digital world when it truly understands its “why”.


Whether you have a podcast, a blog, a music ministry or a Youtube channel, you’re passionate about serving the community to which you were called to minister.


As you serve at the corporate level of digital discipleship in the administrative body of the church, you have the opportunity to provide vision, leadership and empowerment.


As a business owner you are able to contribute in very meaningful ways to digital discipleship to help tell people the compelling story of Jesus.


Technology has many powerful benefits in sharing the story of Jesus. Incorporating digital discipleship principles into your parenting can give you guidance and release you from the guilt technology often brings.