Why Moms Make Great Digital Disciples

As a new mom, I used to think I didn’t have enough time to spend with God.  It wasn’t until recently, almost five years in to my motherhood journey that I realised I could release myself from the pressure of having the perfect devotional

Do you know what the perfect devotional or spiritual time used to look like for me?

It was a moment when I could read a chunk of scripture and ponder it, potentially cross referencing it with other verses in the Bible with additional Bible tools if possible.  That was then followed by a session of praying and then listening to God.

And don’t get me wrong, I still value this very much!  However, if I didn’t have time for all of this, I would get paralysed and do none of it.

Recently, I had the aha! moment that as a mom, I can still have a strong spiritual life and be busy as what! In fact, I wrote about how I found I can have powerful devotionals with God without a lot of time or super in-depth Bible study. (HINT: It involved walking and music)

On top of that, I realised that as a busy mom, I have a huge opportunity to be a great digital disciple! And if you’re a mom, you have a great opportunity as well!

I believe moms have this natural affinity for one another. It makes motherhood almost like a superpower in the life of a digital disciple because of all the opportunities it gives us.

Let me explain what I mean…

Who are Digital Disciples?

Digital Disciples are split into several categories. When we put all of these roles together, we call it the digital discipleship ecosystem. The roles include:

  • Visionaries
  • Content Creators
  • Content Distributors
  • Content Engagers
  • Content Curators
  • Supporters
  • Influencers
  • Good Neighbours

Learn more about the Digital Discipleship Ecosystem

If you think about each of those categories, being a mother, specially positions you to add a little something extra special to each one of them. Think about it:


Visionaries re-imagine things or build something from scratch. They start new projects because they see things that other people don’t see and understand the impact that things not yet created can have.

Content Creators

Creators are our creatives.  But creating can even be as simple as taking a photo and sharing your story on social media. And on the other end, it can be creating a blog, a vlog or a Youtube channel.

Content Distributors

Sharing content is the way it gets legs and allows many people to see it. This is the role of a content distributor. It could be a simple as sending a text to a friend with an article that inspired you.

Content Engagers

This role is about having conversations about information or even offering encouragement.  I’ve found being a mother has encouraged my empathy, and empathy is perfect when it comes to engaging with content.

Content Curators

You can think of curators like librarians or magazine editors. They create a collection of resources around a certain topic for people to engage in. It can be on a platform like a social media account, a website or even a social media platform like Pinterest. You can think of this role like a content distributor with a lot of intentionality.


Supporters are encouragers and cheerleaders. They support other people’s ministries, the churches they attend and organisations they believe in. A like, comment and a video watch might seem small to you, but it can mean a lot to a new blogger or podcaster who’s just getting started.


Influencers can be content creators, distributors or engagers, however, influencers recognise that the words they say online can have a large impact on a wider group of people than the average digital disciple. Therefore they understand they have more responsibility to be accountable for their words and actions online.

Good Neighbours

Good neighbours are like the good Samaritan because they see needs and are intentional in meeting those needs. They may be compelled to order a meal online and have it delivered, pray or find another way to minister. The needs they help with may be spotted online or in person and fulfilled in person or online.

In each of the roles I mentioned above, you can potentially see how your role as a mom uniquely positions you to minister in this way.

Many Moms are Natural Connectors

I’ve found that moms have a natural way of connecting with one another, whether over a cup of coffee, lunch or at school pick-up time.  Our little people give us an excuse and a reason to connect to one another

Mums’ Stories and Shared Experiences are Compelling

Mums can write about their experience as a mum and other mums will naturally connect with it, no matter their background, culture or religion.  Motherhood is a bonding experience

Mums have the ability to be naturally supportive and encouraging, even if it’s just sharing a product that you enjoy or the time the school library opens.

There are few roles in life that are so bonding.

Digital discipleship requires vulnerability

I could be wrong but I think one of the most vulnerable times in a person’s life could be when you’re stark naked, screaming like a mad woman, feeling like you’re half crazy and people are probing in your private areas.

If anyone knows anything about vulnerability, I think it’s mothers.

Some of digital discipleship is just about sharing or yourself and the ability to be authentic and vulnerable is very valuable.

So, the next time you get ready to discount what you can do because you’re a busy mom, remember, you’re in the perfect place to be a digital disciple.

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