Our Process

Intentional listening is at the heart of everything we do.

As a leader at your local church or organisation, we love to listen to you share your mission and your vision for ministering; this begins our journey together.

After listening to you, we will help you develop a thoughtful plan to help you minister with intentionality and effectiveness.

We are available to help in the following ways:

Digital Church Checkup

Just like you need to monitor your health, you also need to monitor the health of your church’s digital presence.

The best part is you can boost your church’s digital health by being more effective in how you communicate Jesus’ love to your members and visitors online. You can sign-up for a digital church checkup here.

Digital Discipleship Workshops & Training

If you’re interested in your church, ministry or organisation learning about the spiritual principles of digital discipleship as well as the logistics of how digital discipleship works, we’re happy to assess your organisation’s needs and develop an engaging and informative workshop, training session or event.

Digital Discipleship Ministry Set-up

We’re passionate about partnering with you to guide your team toward establishing and ensuring the success of your digital discipleship ministry.

Rachel Lemons Aitken, founder of IGNITE, has the experience of establishing and running a digital discipleship ministry at the Conference (local), Union (national) and Division (regional) levels. Similarly, she has mentored the work of others around the world to understand the principles of digital discipleship and execute them.

Digital Discipleship Strategy Development

We’re ready to help you thinking intentionally about the impact you want to have in the digital space. We are experienced in developing digital discipleship strategies, successfully completing funding documents and creating the environment to successfully implement strategies.

Digital Discipleship Event Coordination

We’re experienced with guiding people on their digital discipleship journey through events, while leveraging them to build brands.

Rachel has run four Digital Discipleship Conferences since 2016, with a variety of international speakers, creative breakout sessions, informative workshops and engaging networking events. She has also mentored a team in running a fifth Digital Discipleship Conference.

In addition, she has delivered customised training sessions both online and in person that required extensive planning, coordination and execution skills.

We are available to support your efforts to run your next digital discipleship event.

Digital Discipleship Strategy Implementation

We are experienced in implementing strategy ideas and making them reality, ranging from marketing campaigns to content creation, relationship development and social media set-up and ongoing interaction.

How can we help you?